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Prof. H. (Heng) Zhou

Tianjin University
Department of Mechanics
No.92 Weijin Road
Tianjin 300072 China
Email: hzhou1@tju.edu.cn

Representative of IUTAM in AFMC

Born on 20 November, 1929. Graduated from the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Peiyang University, in 1950. He is a Professor of Tianjin University. He had been the Dean of Graduate School of Tianjin University, as well as one of the leading members of several academic organizations, such as, the Asian Committee of Fluid Mechanics, the Chinese Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, etc.


Zhou¨s main academic contributions consist of:
(1) The development of the theory of hydrodynamic stability. Especially, he found that the popular weakly nonlinear theory of hydrodynamic stability suffered from some fundamental weaknesses and then found their origin. For example, the series solution provided by the original theory for finding the equilibrium state was always non-convergent; the original theory could not, in principle, be applied to the evolution problem, etc. Then he made substantial improvement to the theory.
(2) Different from the internationally prevailing way that only kinematics point of view has been applied in the investigation of the coherent structures in turbulent shear flows, Zhou applied the theory of hydrodynamic stability to investigate the origin of coherent structures, thus successfully established dynamic models for them.
(3) For the problem of laminar-turbulent transition, unlike others that their investigations were limited to the laminar stage, Zhou was able to find the inherent mechanism for the breakdown process.
(4) He has solved, from both the theoretical and practical points of view, the problem of self-excited vibration of gyroscopes of two degree of freedom with gas dynamic bearings, as well as the design problem.


He was elected as a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993.



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