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Professor Erjie Cui

Beijing Institute of Aerodynamics , P. O. Box 7201,
Beijing 100 074
E-mail: EJCUI@httx.com.cn or ttggs@public.fhnet.cn.net

Specialist in Aerodynamics

His ancestral home is in Gaoyang, Hebei Province. He graduated from Beijing Aviation College in 1959.

Cui is a leading researcher in uplift aerocrafts using fluid control. He established, and developed, a new analytical method of aerodynamic flexibility of aircrafts with by creating a complicated-shaped aircraft. He also proposed the framework of "ground domino effect atmosphere-hydrodynamics" and explored the applied study of wind engineer and industrial aerodynamics. Cui created innovations in structural-resulted libration, aerodynamic flexibility of dissolute power, and physical fluid.



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