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Professor Ebrahim Shirani


Contact information:
Mechanical Engineering Department
Isfahan University of Technology
Isfahan, Iran
Tel.: +98 311 391 5205
Fax: +98 311 391 2628
E-mail: eshirani@cc.iut.ac.ir

website: http://www.iut.ac.ir/page.php?id=395


Ph.D. Thermo-Sciences Division, Mechanical Engineering Department, Stanford University, June, 1981, Stanford, Ca., USA
Major: Turbulence, CFD. Dissertation:" Mixing of a Passive Scalar in Isotropic and Sheared Homogeneous Turbulence"


2006-2006?Director of Planning of Science and Technology Corridor, Isfahan Province
2004-2005 and 1998-2002?Vice-President for Research, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran
2004-2004?Editor-in-Chief, Isteghlal Journal, IUT, Isfahan, Iran
2004-present Director and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics
2002?Chairman of the Ninth Asian Congress of Fluid mechanics, Isfahan, Iran
1998-present?Member of Board of Trustees, Isfahan Science and Tech. Town, Isfahan, Iran
1992-1996 and 1985-1987?Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, IUT, Isfahan, Iran


Outstanding Research Administrator in Iran, Honored by Ministry of?Higher Education, 2007
Outstanding Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Technology, in Academic activities, 2006
Outstanding Faculty Member of Universities in Iran, Honored by Ministry of?Higher Edu., 2000
Best Author of the Book, Tehran University, Year 2005
Outstanding Translator of the Books, Isfahan Province, Year 2005
Senior Associate Member of International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy, 2005-present
Invited Member of Iranian Academy of Science of Iran, M.E. Division, 2004-present




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