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About ACFM


Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics

The inaugural Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics was held in Bangalore in 1980 and subsequent Congresses were in Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taejon, Singapore, Chennai, Shenzhen, Isfahan, Peradeniya and Kuala Lumpur. And ACFM is a regular congress which is held every two or three years.

1st ACFM    Bangalore, India, 1980
2nd ACFM   Beijing, China, 1983
3rd ACFM    Tokyo, Japan, 1986
4th ACFM    Hong Kong, China, 1989
5th ACFM    Taejon, Korea, 1992
6th ACFM    Singapore, 1995
7th ACFM    Chennai, India, 1997
8th ACFM    Shenzhen, China, 1999
9th ACFM    Isfahan, Iran, 2002
10th ACFM   Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 2004
11th ACFM   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2006
12th ACFM    Daejeon, Korea, 2008



ACFM presents the most recent developments in theoretical, experimental and computational research as well as industrial and technological advances in fluid mechanics. Since inception, the Congress has firmly established itself as a leading event in the international calendar of fluid mechanics.

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