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Twelveth Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics


  Plenary Lecturers


Plenary Lecture 1 (Keynote lecture)
Prof. Fazle Hussain, University of Houston, USA
ˇ°Mechanisms of Core Perturbation Growth in Vortex-turbulence Interactionˇ±

Plenary Lecture 2
Prof. Jung Yul Yoo, Seoul National University, Korea
ˇ°Recent Experimental Studies on Microscale Channel Flowsˇ±
Plenary Lecture 3 (Zhou PY memorial lecture)
Prof. Song Fu, Tsinghua University, China
ˇ°Modelling of High-Speed Turbulent and Turbulent-Transition Flows with RANS Approachˇ±
Plenary Lecture 4 (TSI award invited lecture)
Prof. Meheboob Alam, Jawaharlal Nehru Center, India
ˇ°Dynamics of Sheared Granular Fluidˇ±
Plenary Lecture 5 (Dhawan memorial lecture)
Prof. P. R. Viswanath, National Aerospace Laboratories, India
Some Aspects of Vortex Asymmetry and Its Control on Slenderbodies at High Angles of Attackˇ±
Plenary Lecture 6
Prof. Shigeo Wada, Osaka University, Japan
ˇ°Multiscale Analysis of Blood Flow: Modeling and Simulation of Multiple Red Blood Cell Flowˇ±
  Invited Lecturers


Invited Lecture 1
Prof. P. N. Vinayachandran, Indian Institute of Science, India
ˇ°Modeling Indian Ocean Circulation: Bay of Bengal Fresh Plume and Arabian Sea Mini Warm Poolˇ±

Invited Lecture 2
Prof. Takeshi Sugimoto, Kanagawa University, Japan
ˇ°The Fossils of Ectoplasm in a Nutshell: A Brief History of the Challenges into the Air in the Animal Kingdomˇ±
Invited Lecture 3 (Tani memorial lecture)
Prof. Yukio Kaneda, Nagoya University, Japan
ˇ°Small-scale Statistics in High Reynolds Number Turbulence ¨C A study by Direct Numerical Simulation ¨C ˇ±
Invited Lecture 4
Prof. Job Kurian, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
ˇ°Supersonic Flow Over Cavities : A Few Thermo Fluid Dynamic Aspectsˇ±
Invited Lecture 5
Prof. Duck Joo Lee, KAIST, Korea
ˇ°Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Noise from Feedback Phenomena Using Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA)ˇ±
Invited Lecture 6
Prof. Shu Chang, National University of Singapore, Singapore
ˇ°Progress in the Development and Application of Lattice Boltzmann Methodˇ±
Invited Lecture 7
Prof. Qingquan Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
ˇ°Hydraulic Modeling of Soil Erosionˇ±

Invited Lecture 8
Prof. Xiaojing Zheng, Lanzhou University, China
ˇ°Simulation, Prediction and Experiment on Windblown Sand Movement and Aeolian Geomorphologyˇ±


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