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First Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics


 Invited Papers
1.Thermal- and Cfluid C dynamical problems for space flight. Ck. Oshima.  
2.Hydrodynamic study on vascular lesion. CM. Kawaguti and A. Hamano.  
3.Real fluid effects in super Ccavitating flows. CV. H. Arakeri
4.Storm surges in the bay of Bengal. CP. K. Das
5.A model of the turbulent burst phenomenon: Prediction for the numerical P Cfunction. CM. A. El CHadidy, M. B. Ibrahim and L. C. Thomas
6.Analysis of transonic inviscid flow. CT. C. Lin and Z. X. Jia.  
7.Mathematical modeling of turbulent Shear flow. C M. Ohji
8.Discrete frequency sound generation by fluid flows. CK. Karamcheti.  
9.Fluid dynamics of the monsoon. CS. Gadgil
10.Study of vortex by flow visualization CT. Matsui.  
11.Prospects for useful research on coherent structure in turbulent shear flow. CDonald Coles.
12.Three Cdimensional aspects of boundary- layer transition. CItiro Tani
13.A glimpse of fluid mechanics research in Bangalore 25 years ago. C S. Dhawan

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