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Second Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics



The Second Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics was held in Beijing, China, on October 25-29, 1983. It was sponsored by the China Association of Science and Technology, and organized by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and the Institute of Mechanics, Academia Sinica. The participants were from different countries and regions in Asia as well as other continents, including China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong Region as well as Britain, USA, France, West Germany, USSR, Canada, Sweden, etc. Distinguished professors and scholars including C. C. Lin, G. K. Batchelor, Lin Tongji, Lin Bingnan, H. Sato, R. Narasimha, A. K. M. F. Hussain and others gave comprehensive and attractive lectures on astrophysical fluid mechanics, turbulence, flow stability, sedimentation, transonic flow, water waves, etc.
200 papers were presented at the Congress 100 from China and 100 from other countries and regions. The extended abstracts of most of these papers are compiled in the present proceedings with about 1200 pages. They cover nearly the whole field of fluid mechanics and a number of combined fields, such as: turbulence and flow stability; transonic flow, boundary layer, shock wave and other aerodynamic subjects; hydrodynamics and hydraulics including water waves; vortices, wake and jet; computational fluid mechanics; flow at low Reynolds number and kinetic theory of gases; geophysical and astrophysical fluid mechanics; two-Newtonian flow; magnetohydrodynamics and physico-chemical flow; biomechanics; and so forth.

Included in these proceedings are many of the latest results of researches and new ideas and methods, which give a general picture of the recent developments of fluid mechanics in China, Japan, India and other countries. Their publication will certainly be welcome and draw much attention from scientists engaged in fluid mechanics.

List of invited papers:
1.Galaxies, Turbulence, and Plasmas -C. C. Lin
2.Sedimentation: A Review of Developments in a Classical Problem -G. K. Batchelor
3.Cognition and Description of Patterns in Turbulent Flows -Hiroshi Sato
4.Laminar -Turbulent Transition: The Intermittency Revisited -R. Narasimha
5.Observations on Transition of the Unsteady Pipe Flow -A. K. M. F. Hussain
6.Fluid mechanics Serving Hydraulic Engineering in China - Lin Bingnan

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