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August, 2008

The 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics was held in Daejeon, Korea, on August 18-21.

270 participants were from Korea, Japan, China, India, Iran, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, Vietnam etc.
220 papers were presented at the congress including 6 plenary lectures and 8 invited lectures, which could be found on the AFMC web page (http://www.afmc.org.cn/acfm_12.htm).

At the congress, it has been decided through AFMC consultation that the 13th ACFM will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh..

The Zhou-Sato-Narasimha Asian Young Scientist Award in Fluid Mechanics, sponsored by Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee and TSI incorporated was awarded for the first time at the Congress, which had been conferred on Dr. Meheboob Alam of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research as recognition ^his outstanding contributions to several aspects of the fluid mechanics of granular flows ̄. Please click here to see details of the award.

Group picture of 12ACFM

Opening Ceremony of 12ACFM

Award Ceremony of 12ACFM

Closing Ceremony of 12ACFM


August, 2007

The 12th ACFM will be held on Aug. 18-21 in Daejoen, Korea. The website of the congress is: http://12acfm.kaist.ac.kr


May, 2007

AFMC has initiated the nomination of candidates for ^Asian Young Fluid Mechanics Scientist Award ̄.

The program has been carried out in 3 sub-regions,: Middle-East and South Asia, Malaysia peninsula, other Asian countries and regions led by Viswanath PR (India), Li Jiachun (China), Fukunishi Y (Japan) and Sung JH (Korea), respectively. Less than 4 nominatees for each region were selected by the end of Aug, 2007.

Please download nomination form from the website: http://www.afmc.org.cn/awards.htm and submit the materials concerned to corresponding persons.


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